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About Us

Global Aquaculture Insurance Consortium

GAIC – the Global Aquaculture Insurance Consortium – is a Lloyd’s facility set up to insure fish and shellfish farms for their stock mortality and other exposures.

The facility can provide terms for aquaculturists ranging from those running small single site operations to large global producers raising a variety of different species in multiple locations. Both onshore and offshore operations may be considered for insurance.

The facility is underwritten by specialist aquaculture personnel at Alwen Hough Johnson Limited on behalf of certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s.

The GAIC Mortality Underwriter is academically trained as a fisheries biologist and has twenty-five years subsequent experience of handling aquaculture insurance. He has visited a large number of aquaculture installations in many parts of the world and has first-hand knowledge of a wide variety of rearing systems for many different aquatic species.

The Lloyd’s market that provides security for GAIC is collectively rated A+ by international rating agency Standard and Poors and has total assets of over 2 Billion pounds Sterling. Lloyd’s is licensed to underwrite business in over 200 countries and territories. The Lloyd’s client base encompasses 88% of FTSE 100 companies and 97% of Dow Jones companies.

GAIC clients have direct access to a secure information store on which they can view documents such as completed application forms, site survey reports, certificates of insurance and endorsements, stock value projections and monthly value declarations. This feature enables the client to have paperless access to important up-to-date information at the click of a mouse.

Corporate Biography

AHJ Holdings Limited was founded in 1973 and is 100% privately owned with the majority of shares held by employees and former employees and their families. The company is a Lloyd’s Insurance Broker and is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, registered number 308774.

Global Aquaculture Insurance Consortium 


Global Aquaculture Insurance Consortium