Claims handling

Claims are handled by Munich Re Syndicate, a market leading Lloyd’s syndicate. This is supported by claims staff at Alwen Hough Johnson Ltd.

Every client has a specified loss adjuster in their contract, so that they have a quick and convenient source of contact should the worst happen. Time is of the essence with stock mortality, and the contractual requirements in instance of loss are detailed below.

Procedure In The Event Of Loss

1. Advise insurers’ claims nominee and insurers as soon as reasonably practicable via your own insurance agent.
2. Take water samples immediately, and at periodic intervals after the loss, from within and in the vicinity of the holding units.
3. Take measurements of water temperature, flow rate and dissolved oxygen levels at the time of loss, and record any other relevant parameters (e.g. pH, secchi disk reading, plankton cell density counts, weather conditions).
4. Take photographs and/or video of the loss and/or damage.
5. Report the loss immediately to the relevant responsible Local Authority, and in the event of malicious act or theft, to the Police.
6. If a disease outbreak is suspected, call your veterinary advisor immediately. Send live fish for histological examination, and arrange for samples of dead or moribund fish to be preserved for future examination.
7. Do not dispose of any dead fish until instructed to do so by Insurers’ representatives. Leave in the location where the loss occurred unless this endangers any surviving fish. If you have to dispose of dead fish, numbers and weights should be recorded and certified by an independent third party. If practical, arrange for the dead fish to be held in a cold store for examination by Insurers’ representative.
8. Carefully log the sequence of events as they unfold, recording the time and action taken by different employees. Preserve all records for subsequent examination by Insurers’ representatives.